SOUTHEAST Medical Professional Insurance Brokers presents a unique opportunity for Independent Insurance Agents and Medical Professionals. SOUTHEAST provides insurance products and sales services to Medical industry exclusively through Independent Insurance Agencies. These products focus primarily in the area of Medical Mal Practice Insurance and other insurance coverages not readily available to most, if any insurance agencies through direct market access.

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SOUTHEAST Medical Professional Insurance Brokers

Our management team consists of true Medical Professional insurance specialists and Sales Management specialists to help our Agent members learn how to sell these lucrative and rewarding insurance products while maintaining their true independent agency control over their books of business. Your SOUTHEAST partners provide you the availability of extensive product and sales training and sales and marketing tools to assist you in building your Medical Professional book of business.

SOUTHEAST is very unique in that we are very involved with the Agents in helping them evaluate the risk, gathering the necessary information to get competitive insurance quotes and we even print your proposals for you.

Medical Professional Insurance including medical malpractice may very well be the largest single market segment in your community. SOUTHEAST will help you provide valuable insurance products and services to these deserving medical professionals.

SOUTHEAST ALLIANCE AGENTS: These are agencies that have made a commitment to work with SOUTHEAST to build a profit center of Medical Professional Insurance business. SOUTHEAST limits these appointments to a select number of agents and provides them with an exceptional level of value added services including Medical Mal Practice education and sales management seminars and meetings. This program is an outstanding opportunity for both small and large agencies to build income and expertise in this important market segment. Click on Agents Only to learn more.

SOUTHEAST BROKER AGENTS: These are agencies that don’t have the producer structure to build a profit center, but have specific accounts that they wish to pursue. SOUTHEAST will help these agents convert their community relationships into quality insurance clients for their agencies. Click on Agents Only to learn more.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY: Please navigate through the tool bar at the top of this page to learn more about SOUTHEAST, who we are and what we offer your agency. We welcome your feedback and questions.

At SOUTHEAST we know the independent agency system. We are independent insurance agents in addition to being owners of SOUTHEAST. We know the challenges you face every day. We understand the sales obstacles that prevent you from being your best. We have been there, we are there.

Steve Napier is President of SOUTHEAST. Steve is also owner of Southeast Insurance Services located in Hattiesburg, MS. He is the GURU of Medical Mal Practice Insurance in Mississippi and his knowledge and expertise is depended on by agents, medical professionals and even members of the MS Department of Insurance. Steve is former President of the Mississippi Independent Agents Association and owns a retail insurance agency in Hattiesburg in addition to his Medical Mal Practice Agencies.

Steve is very involved in the underwriting of every account. He serves as the liaison to all of SOUTHEAST’s companies and provides the expertise and training to our SOUTHEAST Agency Alliance Partners and SOUTHEAST Broker Agents.

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