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SOUTHEAST is a insurance broker working exclusively with independent insurance agents. We provide exceptional insurance products and services to these agents for their Medical Professional clients.

There are many things that make SOUTHEAST different and as you navigate our tool bar at the top of the home page you will see how different we really are. In summary, we not only offer our agents insurance products, but we teach them about this lucrative industry, about the coverages and how to solicit, field underwrite and prospect this dynamic industry segment. SOUTHEAST is owned by independent agents exclusively available to independent agents. Please take a minute to continue to WHY SELL MED MAL.


Medical Mal Practice Insurance is the common term for Medical Professional Liability Insurance. It is the “flag ship” of all medical professional insurance coverage. If you control the Med Mal you control the Property, GL, Inland Marine, Auto, Aviation that makes up to total coverage portfolio. Most agencies do not sell Med Mal insurance because of the complexity of the claims made coverages and a lack of quality insurance products at their disposal. Lets face it as independent agents we ALL gravitate to the products that we are most comfortable with. Unfortunately, this leaves major opportunities unexplored.

Medical Mal Practice Insurance is probably among the largest insurance opportunities in your community, yet odds are you are not selling it or are not fully capitalizing on the real opportunities that exist. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential income to your agency is within your control. Whether you build a profit center as an SOUTHEAST ALLIANCE AGENT or simply take advantage of some relationships that you have in the industry, significant income potential is at your finger tips with SOUTHEAST.


Amed is owned by independent insurance agents like you. We own retail insurance agencies and know the challenges you face in expanding your product lines. We also know that Med Mal is intimidating to many agents and their lack of experience in this arena results in failure to capitalize on the opportunities that exist in your communities.

At SOUTHEAST we not only provide products for you to sell, we help you sell the accounts. Our management team is made up of Medical Mal Practice experts and sales management experts that will assist you and your staff in targeting the right business and even accompany you on sales calls and information gathering meetings. We will help you see the big picture and truly act as your production partner in getting this business on your books. It is your business, you own it and we get paid just like any other broker by retaining a brokerage commission percentage. LEARN more about what makes SOUTHEAST unique in the Agents Only Section of this web page.

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